Saturday, October 27, 2007

The next step

We have received the bill from the birth and I absolutely REFUSE to pay to be ABUSED! This so-called-doctor did not even deliver the baby all this JERK did was abuse me why the heck would I pay for that! It is sooo time to talk to a lawyer! I wish I had better resources to get this out into the public so this "doctor" does not treat another mom like this.

I wish I would have planned a homebirth

I wish at 35 weeks when we agreed to a homebirth we would have been able to afford it and stuck it to the hospital

I wish I would have stayed home like I wanted.

I wish I would went back home when we thought about it about after the first hospital

I wish I would have listened to the way I felt when I prayed about staying home

Atleast I know now where all our other babies will be born.

In the quite solitude of our home with our children around and the in the care of loving women who live to do what they do.

In a way I wanted this birth to make up for my other births, to make it better, to have the best experience I could have. Physically this was the least painful birth, but the most traumatizing.


Kara said...

I didn't know you had such a horrible time with your doctor all because of a natural childbirth! I hope he gets his license taken away, what a jerk. I would have told him to leave if it were me or kicked him the face... Maybe both.

One great thing when I had Hayden was that all the nurses and doctors supported my decision to go natural. The only thing was that I wanted to squat to deliver and they weren't set up for that really... I doubt any of them had any experience with doing that. I wish I would have insisted but oh well. Next time if there is one.

Anyhow I really hope you stick it to this doctor for being such a monster. Nobody deserves to be treated like that during labor. It's supposed to be a happy time.

mamasmotives said...

I wanted to squat too. But, when it came I just gave a few pushes sitting up on my side and out she came.