Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boycott Pampers

I am sure many of you have seen or heard that when you buy a pack of pampers that = one vaccination in a 3rd world country. 

Have you seen the commercial? An american mom is pushing her infant in the stroller and toddlers of all ethnicity come up to the hero of a mom and hug her for their vaccination because of her purchase of pampers diapers. Nice, huh? These vaccinations are not even going to children they are going to PREGNANT woman. Yes, you read it correctly! Interesting huh? You want to know what the vax is, it's the TETANUS shot.
Vet's do not even give pregnant animals vaccinations and yet unicef & pampers have teamed up to give tetanus shots to pregnant women. 

Now if they know that vaccines are dangerous during pregnancy for a dog, it stands to reason that they would be dangerous for a  gestating human, yet they insist on giving them anyway. The tetanus shot can be given after an injury, as in getting one in the doctor's office after a cut from a rusty metal nail. Knowing that vaccines are dangerous during pregnancy, they could easily give the vaccine after the birth. That is, if they are truly doing it for altruistic reasons. They know these people can't fight lawsuits to worry about, no announcements on TV, no nothing. 


Anonymous said...

Vaccines are the most wrong-headed harmful piece of social engineering ever devised. That noted, the next question is: Are they a conspiracy?, a madness?, or the work of the Devil? I don't know. Advocates seem like reasonable people and the doctors vaccinate their own children. Maybe there is a matrix because at times it seems like other-worldly and malefic forces are at work.